With our eye on a common future and sharing please of success together as a real partner, we are honest and passionate in our work as we seek our client’s real needs for change.


We bring success to our clients; continuously contribute toward enhancing their corporate value. Care people and delivers results through innovation.


VALUESTop Engineering Services has a strong set of values
such as teamwork, respect, quality, innovation and
health & safety.We also have a strong sense of community and Top Engineering Services is a sponsor of the Toyota Health Centre and Dieu Vivant Health Centre.


We TOP ENGINEERING SERVICES, are specialized in the following areas:


Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures, conveyors, chutes,     

bins includind paintinf of epoxy, paint system and sand blasting.     


We do tasks on all engineering divisions.

Maintenance and refurbishing of houses and structures

  • ROOF AND SHEETING                                                                            

TES has a good team on installing roof and side sheeting          

  • PLANT MAINTENANCE                                                         

We also do plant maintenance and shut downs.


We also do all types of fencing and fence gates









Fabrication of steel structures, conveyors, chutes, bins (including epoxy painting and sandblasting)

.• Plant maintenance and shutdowns

• Maintenance and refurbishing of houses and structures

• Installation of roof and side sheeting

• Fencing and fence gates

• Special engineering tasks and underground work

• Hydro-power columns

TOP ENGINEERING SERVICES is a Company specialized in Fabrication and erection of steel structures, conveyors, chutes, bins including painting of epoxy paint systems and sandblasting and installing roof and side sheeting.

Top engineering services is a DRC company with access to both North and South Congo. As specialist steel fabricators, Top Engineering Services’ true value lies in it being a local company which provides clients with a quality and highly responsive service.

This stems largely from its onsite services or the close involvement of founder Oscar Siviwe.

Over the last years, top engineering services has ramped up from services such as fencing and gates, now including the design, manufacturing and installation of steel structures, conveyors and chutes. About 95% of our workers are Congolese.

We are a Congolese company which has its Head quarter office  in Goma, North-Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo and 2 Exploitation Residence: One in Durba, Watswa Territory, Haut - Uélé Province and another one in Kolwezi, Lualaba Province. We operate in this entity since October 1st 2013.


As a specialist steel fabricator, we understand the value of local knowledge and manufacturing onsite, providing significant savings; of giving our clients options as to how they’d like to go about their projects, the accessibility of our founder to make things happen; the tested quality of our team, providing a solid platform.


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Our Staff

Oscar Siviwe
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 Cornelis Blom
Managing Director
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Serge Kyalima
Senior manager
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